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  • Tasty Selections is a manufacturer of high quality frozen bakery products. Our product offerings include frozen muffin batters, frozen preportioned cookie dough and a broad selection of thaw & serve cakes.
  • Over 175 years of bakery industry experience. Tasty Selections is a company committed to providing ultimate quality, innovative products, complete customer satisfaction, along with competitive pricing.
  • Quality assurance is foremost in all of our processes. We have strict quality assurance programs in place. with rigorous and fully documented systems that exceed customer requirements and standards.
  • Impressive dependable high standards of customer satisfaction are the result of Tasty Selections strict manufacturing principles and guidelines which include audited kosher specifications, comprehensive food safety analysis, product nutritional information that complies with both Canadian and U.S. regulations.
  • Whether you operate as a grocery retailer, foodservice, or fundraising establishment, Tasty Selections is a company that we know will make a good partner in your business.
  • HACCP accredited plant
  • Kosher designation